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Every season an experience to live

Art & Culture: Castles and Forts of the Great War

Fort delle Benne: It is located at the top of the homonymous hill that overlooks the Levico Lake, about 2 km from the village of Levico Terme. Also called the Fort of San Biagio, it was built between 1880 and 1882.

The Fort of Tenna: The fort is located on the hill of Tenna that separates the Lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo. In 2009 starts a restauration and it was inaugurated on 18th August 2012, but there are still negotiations for its public opening.

Gig Trench (fort) of Grigno: In 1866 in locality Martincelli was established the border between Austrian Empire and Italian Kingdom, between municipality of Grigno (Trentino) and Cismon del Grappa (Veneto).

Wine and food

For those who enjoy the pleasure of good eating are near the alpine huts the best gastronomic trails.

The good cuisine in trentino’s valleys is passed in generations. The cuisine of Trentino conserves scrupulously the authentic of its alpine roots. A traditional gastronomy carrying on possibility of improvement of quality and always strict of genuineness of its products. In this way ancient aromas were recuperated.

Healthful products become dishes, where you can taste typical flavours of territory and pureness of water. Here so trouts and brook trouts of mountain streams. Extra virgin olive-oil DOP of lake Garda Trentino, the biological vegetables of valley di Gresta, little fruits of Sant’Orsola.

Arte Sella and ArteNatura Route

Arte Sella is a permanent exhibition dedicated to Art in Nature, founded in 1986 and still managed today by the homonymous cultural association. During the 1980s, particularly after the Chernobyl tragedy, there was a need to re-establish a new relationship with nature. This reflection has been combined with making art in nature, a possibility to distance oneself from traditional artistic canons, in a new and freer space of expression, far from the logic of the art market and traditional atelier-gallery-museum circuits.

The projects that Arte Sella produces and supports are part of a creative process in which the artist abandons the role of protagonist and flanks nature, his ally in the creation and conservation of the work. Each artist chooses, together with the artistic direction, the place where to place his work, without making radical changes to the territory, but respecting it and acting in synergy and harmony with it.

MUSE and MART: art, exhibitions and museums

MUSE: In 1922, the Museum of Natural History of Trento was founded, on the top floor of the building in Via Verdi, now home to the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Trento. In 1964, the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences was established, administratively linked to the Autonomous Province of Trento.

MART: Museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto is one of the most important European museums. Born in 1987 as a functional institution of autonomous province of Trento, today il Mart works in three different places: in Rovereto is the headquarter of museum (a wide architectural complex opened in 2002 designed by Mario Botta and Giulio Andreolli) the house of futurist art Depero and the Civic Gallery in Trento. Conceived not as a traditional museum, but as a "cultural polo".

Art & Culture: Castles and Forts of the Great War

Wine and food

Arte Sella and ArteNatura Route

MUSE and MART: art, exhibitions and museums