The huts, a long-standing hospitality tradition

Surrounded by green grass and woods, our huts and farmsteads are traditional constructions (made of wood or stone) which show the ravage of times, the history of alpine architecture and are proof of family saga. These buildings have been refurbished and modernized, but the natural surroundings and the wildlife has not been touched. They are fit for residential use during warm seasons and, if heat is provided, all year long.
The owners are pro sustainability and eco-friendly so that some of them may independently produce electricity and hot water through solar panels.
The huts are easily reachable through accessible roads.
Living in a hut is an unforgettable experience for families and group of friends as well.

You should know that….

In order to enhance the peculiarities of every single hut and farmstead and make them easily recognizable by the guests, all the structures must follow specific parameters and rules and then receive a classification then. There are compulsory and elective parameters and depending on them, you can get certain points (represented by little mushrooms) and as a consequence, a specific price range.


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