There are a lot of attractions waiting for you, everyone offers the possibility to know more about il territory and its traditions. 

  • Museum of the agriculture and artisanal tools - Canezza di Pergine: rural activities from the past Tel. +39 0461 530322
  • Museum of hydroelectric plant - Serso: the first hydroelectric plant of Hapsburg Empire Tel. +39 0461 532448
  • Museum of local music group - Pergine Valsugana: modern art exhibition about music Tel. +39 0461 532508
  • Museum of school - Pergine Valsugana: scholastic activities from the past Tel. +39 0461 532448 Museum of Scarcrows – Roncegno Terme: imagines and more than 60 scarecrows Tel. +39 0461 764387/764028
  • Mine Museum - Calceranica al Lago Tel. +39 0461 723161
  • Mine park - Calceranica al Lago: where extract pyrite? Tel. +39 0461 718091
  • Museum-House of De Gasperi - Pieve Tesino: the life of this great statesman Tel. +39 334 6452867
  • Forge Tognolli - Borgo Valsugana: machineries for works in wood and pasteurization Tel. +39 0461 754052
  • Permanent exhibition of first world war in Valsugana and Lagorai  - Borgo Valsugana: testimonies 1915-1918 Tel. +39 0461 757195
  • Casa Andriollo Museum - mountains - women - Olle: experiences of women life in mountains Tel. +39 0461 754052


Here some examples, further information in local tourist offices:


It was established in Pieve Tesino to remember the street vendors of Tesino Plateau. With their box full of prints, they walked along the streets all over the world reaching the most diverse corners of every continent, they founded shops and in some cases they also became publishers. 
MUSEO PER VIA Via Alcide De Gasperi, 6/A - 38050 Pieve Tesino (TN)
Tel.: +39 0461 314247


The museum of customs and traditions is actually managed by the association Friends of the Museum.
The Ecomuseo Lagorai is an institution that promotes landscape, history and ancient traditions in territory of municipalities Carzano, Telve, Telve di Sopra and Torcegno. This villages share a past in common, in middle age all these places were subjects of the jurisprudence of family Castellalto. Aspects like sacred, ancient rural traditions, alpine huts, history like period of First World War are themes of activities in Ecomuseo. 
In Telve it is also possible to visit the Museum of customs and traditions.
On ground floor you can find objects and materials from past, a wine cellar and a stall. 
Nearby  is forge for working wood and metal.
On third floor you can find a domestic space, a typical alpine hut ambient and a central area, where are shown utensil of common uses in rural houses, all given from population of Telve.


The museum is situated in Cinte Tesino, it hosts a permanent exhibition displaying the development of one of the most popular past professions carried out by the inhabitants of Cinte Tesino, the sharpener, who used to sharpen knives with the sharpening tool.
The valley Tesino was always a land of emigrants and pedlars, especially Cinte Tesino, where street vendors “moleta” starts to all Italy offering their services, for example in Tuscany, but also in regions Lazio, Campania and even in Sardinia. 
Open every day upon booking on number +39 340 7794648.


In 1891 the electric plants were few and far between: most of them were activated by steam engines and some with water turbines. In 1893 the large hydroelectric plant of the Niagara Waterfalls (USA) was activated and at the same time the Hydroelectric plant of Serso, close to Pergine, began to produce three-phase alternated energy.
The production of electricity was changing deeply the life of habitants, electric lighting in the houses and in the public streets,  industrial and handmade production with use of machineries, without using water force. At the beginning the new hydroelectric plant produced 100 hp using a water jump of 188 meters of Rio Nero: from there a metallic conduct was leading water to the central, where electricity was produced and assigned in Pergine through specific lines and electric cabins. Following changes increase the central up to a power of 176 kilowatt, like 240hp.
It is a modest power respect the actually use of electricity of Pergine, but the energy production in Serso was and is a spring of energy with low costs and without contamination of territory. 
Further information:
Visits upon booking only in Library of Pergine:
Tel. +39 0461 532448 - Fax +39 0461 531755


When in XIII century arrived on left and higher part of valley Fersina/Bersntol first German speaking emigrants the feudatory owners conceded at this families a piece of territory of 20 hectare with assignment to build a house/farmer house/hof.
The farmer house consists of a stall, barn, is surrounded by fields and wood. The mountain is a collective property and every family has also a summer alp in higher mountain with a stall. An example for this kind of traditional architecture is the farmer house Filzerhof in Fierozzo. 
The Filzerhof exists from end of 1400. He shows testimony and traditions of a family from valley Mochena, many generations of this family lived there.
With a restoration (Cultural Institute in 1998) and with its findings Filzerhof was transformed in an important instrument of identify of this territory. Moreover it is ethnographic and cultural heritage of the German speaking population of this valley. The visitor can admire the characteristics of a typical mocheno farmer house, making a really trip into the past, visiting different rooms and contains (utensils, dishes, clothes, furniture and so on), stall, barn and shed. 
Moreover in summer season it is possible to admire elaboration of Kronz (the typical hat of conscripts), shingles, dalmedra, wool, local homemade baskets. 


The mine called “De Gruab va Hardimbl” belonging to miners, they worked there from 1500 to 1800. Inside the mine you can see how hard the work was, which kind of technique and tools were used and know more about life of miners, visiting exposed minerals and miner dummies. Unique are different veining in rocks, water drips and a big submerged part of mine, an unmissable visit, possible only with a guide for maximum 12 persons. 
For little groups we recommend a booking before, for numerous groups it is necessary. For children, seniors and groups with more of 24 persons exist price reductions. 
Mine Tel. +39 0461 550053
Municipality Palù del Fersina Tel. +39 0461 550001, Fax +39 0461 550105


Information point for activities and mission of Ecomuseo del Vanoi with exhibitions about themes of Ecomuseo, the water room and a narration area. 
Open all year round from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 a.m., from 28th June to 6th September every day from 9 to 12 a.m., July and August also Monday and Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Entrance free.
Further information: www.ecomuseo.vanoi.it