Anglers by Nature

“Anglers by Nature” has been created to promote a healthy passion for fishing, as long as it respects the environment and fish numbers in our waters, and it has the ambition of encouraging a knowledge of awareness in our territory.
The map "Anglers by nature" describes the main regulations in force (2010) as required by the Trentino Province with reference to fishing (subsequent variations must be checked with the proper office).
Fishing associations in Valsugana:
  • Associazione Dilettantistica Sportiva Pescatori Madrano-Canzolino
  • Associazione Pescatori Dilettanti del Fersina e Alto Brenta
  • Associazione Pescatori Dilettanti di Levico Terme
  • Associazione Pescatori Dilettanti della Valsugana
  • Associazione Pescatori Dilettanti di Scurelle
  • Associazione Pescatori Dilettanti di Grigno
  • Associazione Pescatori Dilettanti della Valle del Tesino;
Main regulation:
In order to fish, you must be in possession of a fishing license which qualifies you to practise and an authorization (a. valid for professional anglers b. valid only for amateur anglers d. for foreigners). 
If you are not in possession of license A, B or D from 2012 you can make a tourist license for amateur anglers release from associations and authorized shops. You can ask for it only one time a year, valid for 30 consecutive days (art. 13 bis L.P. nr. 18 from 27/11/2011), it takes the place of a governmental license.
You must note the date and fishing area on the visitors’book/permit before starting; you must also note each time the number of salmo type fish caught ( for other species this can be noted at the end of the day). Fishing is allowed from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset. Sonic aids are not allowed whilst fishing. You cannot use electricity, explosives, inebriating and poisonous substances, harpoons, all instruments not mentioned in these rules; Fishing in running stream water is forbidden from 1st November to 31st January (with the exception of further restrictions made by individual associations). This measure does not apply to the waters of the Brenta from its origins to the bridge/station in Barco; Night fishing is allowed for eels, carp, tench in all stagnant waters in the period 1st July to 30th September.(With the exception of Point 2 of the regulations) underwater fishing is forbidden; The competent fishing office, having heard the fishing committee, can authorize the aquaculture to modify the minimum number or the periods in which fishing is forbidden for reasons beyond control or in specific environmental situations.
We recommend to read guidelines of every association (normally attached at tourist licence for fishing) before starting activity. 
(L.P. 12 December 1978, nr. 60 and following modifications and integrations)
(D.P.G.P. 3 December 1979, nr. 22 -18/ Law and successive actualizations)