If you want to pick mushrooms but you are not resident in Trentino, you must report and pay a fee to the city hall according to the area where you want to go to. You can pay it with postal C/A assigned to Servizio Tesoreria of the pertinent city hall and state the reason which is “tassa raccolta funghi” (tax for picking mushrooms), personal data and the day/period of time you want to pick mushrooms.
The receipt you get is considered as a personal authorization, non-transferable, and you should show it any time supervisors ask you to (together with ID). On the contrary, the residents should only show a valid identification document.

  • It is forbidden to pick mushrooms from 7 PM to 7 AM
  • It is forbidden to pick more than 2 kg of mushrooms per day per person (older than 10 years old). If you are younger than 10 ,you can pick mushrooms but only if your family has the authorization.
  • You must clean the mushrooms in the same place where you find them and put them in a firm box with holes that allow ventilation
  • It is forbidden to damage or destroy mushrooms in the wood
  • It is forbidden to use means which can ruin the humus
The lack of laws is subject to effective and dissuasive financial penalties such as fines according to L.P. 23/05/2007 “Disciplina della raccolta funghi”.
Mushrooms’ check:
  • Gruppo Micologico E. Bettini Pergine Valsugana, Via Filzi 2 – Tel. 0461 510419 - Tuesday from 8.30  PM;
  • Associazione Micologica G.Bresadola Gruppo Bruno Cetto Levico Terme, Via C. Battisti - Tuesday, Thursady and Saturday from 8.30 PM to 10 PM.