The pristine beauty of mountains surrounds lakes and green forests, all reachable in two steps for a relaxing break. On foot  going up to high altitudes of mountain chain Lagorai, in shady forests of Plateau Tesino, on pastures of  Plateau Vezzena with thousand shades of green. 
The Valsugana and Lagorai, with mountains Panarotta and Passo Brocon, the Plateau Marcesina and the near Valley Mocheni are perfect  starting points for numerous tracks to discover a world, where dominate stillness, natural beauty and uncontaminated nature, without mass tourism.  Trekking, walks, excursions on horse or by bike or a simple picnic on open air.. a total immersion in silence to discover lakes, mountain streams, valleys, flora and fauna, to live unique moments. Here you can enjoy food and taste natural simple and typical products in magical period of harvest, where it is also possible to know more about thousand-year old rituals of rural civilization. An surprising and fascinating experience when forests, green chestnuts and wineyard change colours. 


A required attraction in eastern Valsugana is the protected WWF-Area Valtrigona,  one of those rare WWF-Areas in Alpine region. Walking on its nature path it is like traveling between the silence of a larch and pine wood, to discover flora and fauna of higher mountains, here you’ll find all kinds of typical alpine species. 
The nature reserve is located in the municipality of Telve. It is a lateral little valley of Val Calamento, in territory of mountain chain Lagorai. 234 Ha conclude all Valtrigona and the left side of Val Scartazza, with an altitude from 1.600 to 2.200m.
It is a real open-air-museum where the visitor can read a thousand-year old story about nature. Man was present in an imperceptible way, transforming only a little part of forest in pastures.  Over 1.600 m altitude the area is covered by snow a big part of the year, we recommend a visit from June to October. 
For reaching oasis you follow province road passing through Telve, direction mountain pass Manghen for fifteen kilometres. Starting point for visiting the nature reserve is alpine hut Malga Valtrighetta, from here you follow on foot SAT trail nr. 374 crossing the territory of oasis to Bocchetta d’Ezze. Without leaving trail, for not disturbing surroundings, it is possible to see wild animals like roe deer, marmots and fox.  On request there are guided visits for groups and school classes. 
Valsugana features many parks where you can relax in the shadow of the various trees, coming from all over, in very close contact with nature. The three main parks are: the Spa-Park of Levico, the Park Parco Ai Tre Castagni in Pergine Valsugana and the Spa-Park in Roncegno.
Park areas offer a good opportunity to spend a nice day with your family and friends, enjoying a barbecue and have fun all together! For example you can visit the Parco La Cascatella or the River Park Torrente Grigno in Castello Tesino.
Many protected areas in Valsugana are extremely important from the environmental and ecologic viewpoints: they are often small residual areas of special habitats (humid areas, grasslands, small ponds) which elsewhere have vanished or degraded.
Some of these areas have been equipped with paths and observation points to enhance your visit and maximise your learning.
Here under you will find a short description of the areas offering this kind of facilities. Further information is available on the website dedicated to the protected areas of Trentino
Finally, you can ask for guidebooks and publications published by the competent office of the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Biotopes Office Rete Natura 2000 del Servizio Conservazione della Natura Valorizzazione Ambientale, Via Guardini 75, Trento; email:  +39 0461 496156.


The spa park of Levico is the biggest historic park of Trentino. The history of the thermal park is closely linked to the idea of a thermal spa and began in 1898, with the purchasing by the Director of the Levico-Vetriolo Heilquellen company, Giulio Adriano Pollacseck of “arable land with vines and mulberry trees….of around 120,000 metres, at the price, which has been agreed and accepted, of 100,000 florins” in the area of Cadogine. The scope was to create a “place for thermal treatments” made up of a large bathing establishment-hotel  at the centre of a large park. 
At the beginning of the 20th century the Berlin gardener Georg Ziehl was given the task of designing the park, which was to respect 19th century taste. Thus the park was created with a network of pathways designed to delight the guests of the large hotel for the spa, constructed in record time and inaugurated in 1905.
The park is managed by an institution for conservation of nature and valorisation of surroundings of autonomous province of Trento, that organise cultural activities and events, in collaboration with local tourist board and other institutions, like APPA. The initiatives are for guests and residents, those who searching contact with nature, didactic activities and entertainment. A rich range of activities for adults and children, for example concerts, theatre, guided visits or exhibitions. 
Servizio Conservazione della Natura e Valorizzazione Ambientale –Provincia
Autonoma di Trento Via Guardini, 75 – 38100 Trento
Park Levico Casa dei Giardinieri – 38056 Levico Terme (TN)
Tel. +39 0461/706824 – Fax: +39 0461 706852


The Caves of Castello Tesino discovered in 1927 by Mr Da Rugna from San Donato  and studied only in 1952. They develop for about 400 metres and their full exploration has not been completed yet.  The caves are carsic with stalactites and stalagmites, tunnel and arabesques. 
In cave you can see strange signs from  Ursus Speleus Ros, the cave bear, that lived there in Quaternary period.  Trentino has only fragment fossil rests and the cave in Castello Tesino remains unique cave that conserves these rare and precious signs. 
The cave can be visited only with a guide and on reservation within 6 p.m. of the previous day.
Tel. +39 0461.593322 - +39 0461.727730. Entrance for kids over 6 years