Val di Sole is located in the North-West area of Trentino, along the river Noce. The valley is surrounded by different alpine mountain ranges: Ortles, Cevedale, Gruppo del Brenta and Adamello, Presanella. The etymology of the name “sole” (sun) comes from the Celtics goddess of the Sulis water, Minerva for Romans. In fact, this area boasts of two famous spa centres, which are Peio and Rabbi.
The Val di Peio, which is often written in the wrong way, Pejo, is located near Val di Sole. It has the typical V-shape, due to the erosion of the river Noce whose flowing water carved the rocks. The valley looks like the letter Y since the river comes from two different branches which merge in Cogolo. The North valley is known as Val de la Mare and the East part is Val del Monte.
There are more or less 1.900 inhabitants and most of them live in the town of Peio. The administrative centre is Cogolo and other beautiful villages and hamlets are Celledizzo, Celentino, Comasine, Peio Paese, Peio Fonti and Strombiano.
Val di Peio, which is also the heart of the Stelvio National Park, offers a relaxing and unforgettable holiday in a natural oasis where hospitality is guaranteed.
Trekking, Nordic walking, mountain bike, rafting, hiking, Alpine skiing,  cross-country skiing, snowboard, snowshoeing, …these are only few of the activities you can do in our valley.

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