The valley of Primiero is located in the East side of Trentino. The main towns are Primiero, San Martino di Castrozza, Imèr and Mezzano. You can reach this area through the valley of the creek Cismon, between the cleft of Schenèr which connects this area to Valsugana and Feltre.
The Vanoi valley is a 125 km2 area, mostly covered by coniferous woods. It is located in the East part of Trentino, surrounded by Primiero in the  East ( Cismon valley), Lamon and Sovramonte (BL) in the South, Tesino plateau in the West and South-West, and the Val di Non in the North.
This area boasts more than a hundred peaks higher than 2000 mt. which overlook green and steep slopes, villages, huge pastures, woods, lakes, creeks, huts and farmsteads and malghe . The natural beauties of the huge porphyry range of Lagorai and the granite  massif of Cima d’Asta are peculiar characteristics of  this area. This huge territory, which is a natural park is still intact and pure.

The huts map