The breathtaking landscape of the Vigolana plateau, enclosed between the Vigolana range (South/West) and the Marzola (North/West), is marked by fields and woods and it looks like a natural balcony with an incredible view on the Alpine panorama, valleys and the Lake Caldonazzo. In the woods you can find pines, beeches, spruces and larches and the undergrowth smells of flowers (cyclamen, rhododendron, lily of the valley and orchids) while in autumn it is full of mushrooms and chestnuts.
In summer you can experience the warmth and hospitality of local people. This area is well-known for local festivals, concerts and traditional events which are often organized by volunteers.
In winter you can snowshoeing while waiting for Christmas with its traditional local markets, nativity scenes or the decorated Christmas trees.
You will appreciate every single part of this magnificent area, thanks to the local operators who will help you to organize your journeys and hikes as well as your sport activities. The Vigolana plateau offers nature, sport, culture and gastronomy.
Exercise itineraries: it is a network of paths where you can go mountain biking, horse riding, trekking and Nordic walking.
Senses Itineraries: you will enjoy the nature using all of your five senses thanks to interactive signs located along the paths
Water itineraries: you will go through the history of the place and the nature, walking along the Parco Fluviale del Torrente Centa (a river theme park) and having fun in the wild Acropark.
History and Art itineraries:  Castel Vigolo, the strongholds of the first World War, the baroque villas, the rural architecture…
Sacred itineraries: the Madonna del Feles sanctuary, the native home of Saint Paolina
Gastronomic itineraries: you will taste natural and local products and delicious dishes

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